Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial-glass shadow

For all you graphic designers and illustrators out there! This quick Adobe Illustrator Tutorial will show you how to drop a shadow on a reflective surface. Enjoy!
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1. With a Text Tool type a word or company name.

2. Now, select your Text and with 'Reflect Tool' flip it along the Horizontal axis.

Hit the 'Copy' button instead of 'OK'.

3. Select your newly reflected text. Go to Type Menu at the top and select 'Create Outlines'.

4. Now, the reflected text needs to be colored as a Gradient. Set the Gradient direction to 90 degrees. One side of Gradient color should be white and the other should match the original text for which you are dropping the Shadow.

5. Almost finished! Move the 'shadowed' image a little bit down from the original text.

6. The dropped shadow-text in step 5 is too dark, so Using the 'Transparency' tool, take the opacity down to about 60%. Now it's completed!


Anonymous said...

That was easy! Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial. It worked great, Thanks

JuliettaRose said...

Cool! Thanks :-)